You are welcome to take part in our 100 km Ultra Marathon Race
a unique experience in the light of the Midnight Sun.










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We, the organizers, hope that runners who feel that they can manage to finish the race in less than 14 hours will choose to start at 10 p.m. The starting time 6 p.m. was introduced for the walkers. We thought they would feel less stress, they wouldn´t feel that everybody was waiting for them. We also hoped that the race would be more interesting both to participate in and to watch if the runners were not spread out too much along the race-course.

Start/Arrival Adak, old mining village in the municipality of Malå, southern Lapland.

Race-course: The 100 km course is a circular course which has been measured according to IAAC rules. About 50 % of the course on asphalt, 50% on gravel surface. Catering stations every 5 - 7 kilometres.
At the two first stations only water and sport drinks are served. At all other catering stations - from 13.5 k - also blueberry drink, bananas, oranges, chocolates, bread lumps, broth, coffee, tea, and Coca-Cola are served.
The time limit of the race is 22 hours for the runners and walkers 26 hours. Massage treatment will be available at the start and at the race-stages. Official timekeeping at the race-stages and after completing the full marathon distance.

Categories: M/F; M/F 40; M/F 50; M/F 60; M/F 70.
Victory Ceremony: See calender
Entry fee: See calender
Registration: Please register with your name, address, club/country, telephone/fax number, category, pasta party, accomodation and bicycle rental. Please add all costs on the paying-in form
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Pasta party: Pasta party 70 SEK.
Accomodation: Simple collective accomodation 50 SEK/night.
Accomodation in Lapp hut, chalet or hotel can also be arranged.

Bicycle : Bicycle rental 100 SEK..
Information: Ultrasweden

E-mail: mail@laplandultra.nu

Further information can be obtained through Kent Sjölund

Tel: +46 70 551 23 31