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Lapland Ultra



Ultra Marathon


Adak, once a well-known mining village situated in the municipality of Malå in southern Lapland, Sweden.

The race course

Circular course of 100 kilometres. About 50% of the course on gravelled road, 50% on asphalt surface. The race course has been measured according to IAAC rules. Official timekeeping.


Friday, June 26, 2015, at 6 p.m. and 10 p.m.

Walkers, veteran runners (20 hours) and joggers start at 6 o´clock p.m. Those who think they will be able to finish the race within 14 hours start at 10 p.m.

We (the organizers) wish that those who think they will be able to finish the race within 14 hours joint the group starting at 10 p.m. The starting time of 6 p.m. was introduced for the benefit of those who wish to walk the 100 km course. The race will also become more interesting for the spectator if the participants aren’t spread out over long distances towards the end of the race.

Entry fee: 350 SEK 31/12-14. 1/1-15 550 SEK


Walkers/Joggers, veteran +60, runners, M/F

Catering stations

Every 5-7 kilometres of the race.

At the first two stations only water and sports drink are served. At all stations from 13,5 km there will also be blueberry drink, bananas, oranges, chocolate, bread, broth, coffee and tea.

For further information

Leif Bergström +46 (0) 703 173 333

Jan-Anders Perdahl +46 (0)702 037 029