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Lapland Ultra

Travelling Guide

Some travelling suggestions
for those who wish to visit us.







From the 15 of june 2003 Connex run the railway to the north of Sweden.
Book the ticket on Tågplus
Connex callcenter is open Moday to Friday 07:00-20:00
Weekends 12:00-19:00
Persons that want to book ticket after June 15 is able to book
Tel. +46771-26 00 00
Fax +46771 - 28 00 00
Email customer service

During the summer there is also the alternative Inlandsbanan , the tourist railbus going all the way from central Sweden to Gällivaare in northern Lapland.
The nearest alighting station is Slagnäs, some 30 km from Adak. For information please phone 004695210047

By air
Arlanda Lycksele or Arvidsjaur. Arvidsjaur Airport You can choose to catch a plane from Arlanda to Lycksele (120 km from Adak) or to Arvidsjaur (60 km from Adak). For information and booking Lycksele please phone 004695026283 or visit www.lycksele.se. For Arvidsjaur www.arvidsjaur,flygplats.se
By air Arlanda Lycksele or Arvidsjaur.
Arvidsjaur Air port